Cooee to the Ladies is out!!

After more than a year my first self published book, Cooee to the Ladies: Australian Women of Talent and Interest is out!

Cooee to the Ladies

After not drawing for a while, I started a ‘Drawing a Day Project’ in 2015.  I find the lives and vintage attire of women of the early 20th Century fascinating – it was a real turning point in women’s rights and awareness of their changing place in society. So I started researching women of this era, drawing their portraits and sharing them on Instagram; this was the beginning of Cooee to the Ladies: Australian Women of Talent and Interest. 

After reading about women from other countries I was intrigued to learn more about Australian women of this era.  I was never interested in history or Australian history at school as I felt it had no relation to me, or my life. But the more I read about these women and their place in the history, the more I got excited to find out more.

It was a hard decision to select which women to include, but in choosing the 20 Australian women, I tried to choose women from various backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities.

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A selection of 12 inspiring women in history with different backgrounds, ethnicities, country of origin and talents.